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Next Workshop: Understanding the Customer Journey

Date: January 16, 2021

Time: 1 pm Central

Photograph of Ereika Stimley, she is smiling and looking directly at the camera

Ereika Collins Stimley

Conversion Optimization Strategist

Words inform action. The stories we tell ourselves form the basis of the actions we take every day. Change the story, and you change the outcome.

What stories are you telling about your brand, right now? What stories do your customers tell themselves before they choose to do business with you? And how is your marketing facilitating (or hindering) those stories?

Even if you don't have a specific narrative in mind, if you're already doing business then I can guarantee that you are telling a story.

Your story is told in the content you choose to share, both online and offline. Your story is in the discussions you have with customers on social media. Your story is written one customer at a time in the way you handle every unforeseen issue, every negative review, and every customer escalation.

You are telling a story.

And for better or worse, people are listening. If you want to optimize your online marketing, or if you're just starting out and want to make the best impression, it's time to take control of the narrative.

In my work as a conversion optimization specialist and strategist, I've helped clients across a wide range of industries tell their story, improve the quality of their leads, and increase sales. I'd love to do the same for you.

Join this month's free workshop and explore the ways you can combine empathy, strategy, and conversion to increase sales.

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