Content Marketing

Marketing Monday: Lead Generation Case study, part 1

Welcome to the first installment of Marketing Monday! I’ve decided to mix things up a bit by doing an ongoing experiment to demonstrate how various online marketing tactics work together to form a cohesive strategy in a real world scenario. Author’s note: Please strap in, as this is going to be a long post. To start…

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Buyer’s Guide Infographic

If you need help with understanding how to map your content marketing efforts to the stages your potential customers go through as they make a purchase decision, here’s a handy infographic to help!

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Content Marketing Tips: What Makes Content Shareable?

The first step in bringing in viral leads is to create content that is inherently “shareable” among members of your target audience. While there’s no magic formula for instant virality, there are steps that you can take to maximize the chances that your content will be shared. Here are my top four tips for shareable…

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