Email Marketing

Integrating Email Marketing, CRM, & Marketing Automation, part 1

On its own, email marketing is a powerful tool to drive engagement and sales. Combined with insights from your CRM and using intelligent marketing automation triggers, email marketing can become an essential revenue driver for your business. This blog series covers how to integrate CRM insights and marketing automation with your email campaigns to obtain maximum results.…

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Why CAN-SPAM Doesn’t Matter in 2015

can spam attack

  Spam. No one likes it, and yet billions of spam emails get sent daily across the globe. The CAN-SPAM Act in the US is designed to stem the flow of these unwanted emails, but chances are that your compliance with CAN-SPAM has little or nothing to do with why your emails get flagged. In…

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5 reasons to kick subscribers off your email list

crossing people off your email list

When you need to engage your target market and boost sales, there’s one route that 63% of consumers prefer for promotional messages – email. For this one reason alone, it’s no wonder marketers and business owners take the stance of “more is more” for email lists. However, the truth is much more nuanced… While social…

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What to do When Your Email A/B Test “Fails”

You’ve done the research on your target audience, come up with some killer subject lines and high-quality content you know your subscribers will want to read. You’ve set up the perfect layout, made sure everything is mobile-friendly, and with great anticipation, sent your email campaign off into the ether… Why Didn’t My Email A/B Test…

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