Online Marketing Glossary

Not sure about the difference between ROI and LTV? Looking for ways to boost your CTR and lower your CPC while maintaining your KPIs? Demystify the jargon & spoon up a bowlful of online marketing alphabet soup with this handy glossary. New terms added regularly.

Online Marketing Terms, Explained

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Soft Bounce (Email)
This is when the email is sent back due to a temporary issue, such as internal server errors or the user is over their email storage limit. Soft bounces generally resolve themselves once the error is repaired or the user cleans their inbox, etc.

Spam Complaint Rate (Email)
The number of recipients who click the ‘report spam’ link when viewing your email, divided by the number of recipients who received the email. This is expressed as a percentage and you always want this number to be as close to 0% as possible. For most email service providers (ESP) the acceptable spam complaint rate is around 0.1%.
Example: If you send an email to 5000 recipients, to stay within a 0.1% complaint rate, you could have 5 complaints maximum. Smaller lists must strive to stay as close to 0 complaints as possible in order to maintain deliverability rates. Different ESPs will handle high spam complaints differently – but continued high complaint rates will almost always get your account suspended.